Webship Guide

Detail instructions below:

Webship Instructions

Enter Username and Password
(provided by InXpress Sales)

Click Login

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Preparing a Shipment

Enter Recipient Information (bottom-left)

Required Information:

  • Company
  • Contact Name
  • Address
  • City, Postal Code, Country
  • Phone Number
  • email

Enter Package Information (bottom-right)

  • Shipping Date
  • Select Carrier & Service Type
  • Select Package Type
  • Select Contents: (Documents or Parcel)
  • Enter Weight and Dimensions (not required for letters)
  • Enter Customs Value – $0 or $1 for letters (for Intl shipments only)

Click Next to proceed.

send international parcel
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Enter Additional Details

  • Content Description
  • Shipment Reference # (optional)

Enter Customs Value (for Intl only)

  • Enter $1 for Letters
express courier international

Select from the drop-down field: (for Intl shipments only)

  • I don’t need a commercial invoice (non-dutiable)
  • I already have a commercial invoice (dutiable)
  • Help me create a commercial invoice (dutiable)

Select from the drop-down field:

  • I don’t need a packing list
  • I already have a packing list
  • Help me create a packing list

Select from the drop-down field:

  • I need help to schedule a collection
  • I already have a collection scheduled
  • Help me create a packing list
  • I will book my collection later
  • I have a daily collection
  • I am going to drop off my package(s)

Click Ship

cheap international parcel

Confirmation and Tracking Number

From this screen, you may:

  • View a copy of the Waybill
  • Schedule a Collection (if not already done so)
  • Generate Manifest
  • View Manifest
  • Ship Another Package
  • Re-Ship Same Package
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Print the waybill and place on packaging

international shipping

Address Book

Click the Address Book tab at the top of the screen.

Manage address by clicking:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Remove
  • Delete
  • Import
  • Refresh
  • Export
  • Or Ship to
international courier

Tracking a Shipment

Select the shipment you would like to view until it is highlighted green.

Click Track on the right.

InXpress tracking link will automatically open in a separate window to view up-to-date tracking information on your shipment.

international document courier
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Voiding a Shipment

Select the shipment you would like to view until it is highlighted dark green.

Click Void on the right.

international parcel service

Yes will appear in the column labeled Voided.

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