It is our pleasure to announce a unique team up with StarShipIT. Now not only can you express your products from A to B, hassle free but you can also seamlessly sync your distribution using a one-stop-shop online solution for all your on-line (and offline) sales.

“Thanks to StarShipIT & InXpress platform our customers are able to enjoy a simple, affordable and modern solution for all Australia-wide and world-wide express deliveries”, said Luis Ramirez, International Freight Consultant, InXpress Australia.

What is StarShipIT?:

StarShipIT is the ultimate, web-based app created to simplify and automate the process of delivering online and offline orders.

  • StarShipIT consolidates orders from different sales channels into one screen.
  • It automates processing, labelling and customs documentation and
  • StarShipIT communicates with couriers and customers so everyone knows what’s where.

It’s infinitely scalable and integrates with almost every e-marketplace, accounting/inventory package provider throughout Australia and NZ. And of course, it operates hand in hand with all your InXpress deliveries and with an array of courier companies you may already be working with.

So if you are a business with genuine shipping needs and want a quick, simple and affordable solution – look no further!

Want to know more?

Watch this YouTube video,  or you can always get in touch.


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